The most accurate depiction of the press I have ever seen



"The only thing that never tires me is you …"

Cesare and Lucrezia + season 3 kisses

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Falling into you: some of my favorite Cesare and Lucrezia moments

Never before was I so emotionally invested in a fictional relationships. I was legit unhappy when it was over. The Borgias has its flaws, but these two were a kind of beauty, perfect in their wickedness and deliciously fucked up. Don’t wanna be uber dramatic here, but I think this ‘ship’ kinda had ruined me for any other ‘ship’.

tl;dr This is my farewell party for them. I’ll always have some very good memories.

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"We are the unholy family."


"but I stayed my hand for the good of the family!"


I’m tired of that.

i don’t want naples, yet. i want my sister.

Whatever it is, it overwhelms…

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# Sexual Frustration

Impossible loves, I’m very much afraid they can become an addiction.


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