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Game of Thrones | Mean Girls Edition

For Mounia.


Game of Thrones S04E09 | Sam x Gilly

If we can do what Faraday said, our plane never crashes, Flight 815 lands in Los Angeles. And everyone we lost since we got here… they’d all be alive.


Maia and David at the tweet-along for 2x01

Do not pity the dead Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.

he was who he was; jon snow, b a s t a r d  and  o a t h b r e a k e r ,  m o t h e r l e s s f r i e n d l e s s , and  d a m n e d . for the rest of his life — however long that might be — he would be condemned to be an  o u t s i d e r , the  s i l e n t  m a n  s t a n d i n g  i n  t h e  s h a d o w s  w h o  d a r e s  n o t  s p e a k  h i s  t r u e  n a m e .

I'll tell them you're still making up your mind.”


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